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4 Stylish Wooden Bathroom Designs - A Renovation Dream!

There are many ways to incorporate the gorgeous, natural elements of wood into a bathroom, and with the rise of contemporary design around the world, wood serves as the perfect material to bridge the gap between the natural world and modern living.

The world is craving to feel increasingly connected with the earth.

The rise of the natural world being reintroduced into urban architecture and design is evidence of this shift in mentality.

We are here with some inspiration, highlighting how you too can add elements of nature into any space imaginable: starting with your bathroom!

1) Floating wooden cabinets are becoming increasingly popular.

2) Wall Paneling creates a wonderful texture, immediately integrating natures unique design into any space. Paneling is affordable and extremely attractive, making it the perfect option for renovating!

3) Decking is a simple yet striking addition to a bathroom space. Besides having practical benefits, it transforms the aesthetic space with the addition of texture, colour, shape and more. Decked bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular in modern, minimalistic homes around the world, why don't you jump on the trend too?

4) The sky is the limit!

With wood, it really is.

Creating an elevated masterpiece requires little to no maintenance and improves the visual appeal by ten fold. Simple, yet unique is every designers dream.

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