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An African Winter Wonderland.

In Africa, winter looks a little different to the rest of the world.

Whilst the presence of the cold does not go unnoticed, it is bearable,

and it can even be enjoyed within the right setting.

Picture This:

A warm cup of hot chocolate (or a glass of red wine) in hand.

You are surrounded by the stillness of an African night.

Wrapped in a blanket, your gaze remains fixated on the crackling fire before you

as it illuminates the night and warms you to the core.

Rather than snow, you find yourself surrounded by the African bush.

The very seat you find comfort in has been crafted from nature.

We are so excited for winter this year because we find joy in the fact that we can create gorgeous spaces for you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, community and style.

If you would love your very own African Winter Wonderland aka:

A Pride of Africa Outdoor Entertainment Area,

Here is some inspiration just for you!

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