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Excellence in community empowerment & social impact award

What a privilege it is to be receive such a prestigious award.

Pride of Africa is a local flooring company which specialises in sustainably harvested teak decking and teak flooring. We are in control of our entire supply chain from harvesting to distribution and we work with architects and designers from all parts of the globe to include our world-class products in their projects, proudly representing our country whilst doing so.

We are well known for the quality and durability of our teak products.

But truly, as a company, our products are not what bring us the most joy.

As humans, we long to be a part of something which is greater than ourselves. We long to make a difference.

It is our greatest desire that we become a company which is known for much more than simply laying exquisite foundations in places around the world.

Our passion lies in provision.

At our core we believe that if you have a voice, you should use it to speak for those which do not. If you have the means you should use them to uplift communities around you which will in turn benefit your community and the world as a whole. The environment has no voice, and yet, it is the only source of wealth and life for every single human on this earth.

Without a thriving environment, humanity cannot thrive, and so, it is our duty to ensure all of our endeavours are not only sustainable, but our truly giving back to our planet.

And then, we have the children of Zimbabwe.

Our future lies in the hands of our youth: we try to include children in every single community project which we are fortunate enough to roll out. Whether this means educating them on the importance of sustainable forestry, hosting tree planting days for the local schools, providing the orphanage and hospital with furniture or providing communities with sustainable alternatives to firewood, we are always creating new ways of teaching children just how valuable they are to changing our future for the better.

It is so important that we, as citizens of such a naturally beautiful country realize that there are few places in the world which are still as diverse, as wild, and as untouched as Zimbabwe. It is important that we become a people who uplift our community, that give back to the environment and that we never sit back thinking somebody else is doing that job for us. It is our job. It is your job. And together, we will change the world.

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