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Growing Green Roots

This year Pride of Africa has chosen to embark on a journey of both social and corporate responsibility, and it all started with the little school down the road, Sir Allan Wilson School. Our motivation is driven by the worlds desperate need to be greener and our peoples needs of being fed, therefore alongside Zimbabwe's Forestry Commission we are working to educate the youth on the importance of looking after the environment through the simple acts of planting trees, not littering and spreading the word on environmental awareness.

Our day at Sir Allan Wilson was a raging success, as Forestry educated the children on the importance of trees and environmental awareness, they listened carefully and were very quick at answering all the questions asked, it was after this that the children were all showed how to correctly plant trees and how exciting, they had fruit trees to plant which will bear fruit in the next year or so. We all had so much fun on this day and we look forward to educating and working with other schools in the area in order to save our environment.

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