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Teak Offcuts - a remedy for Zimbabwe's deforestation

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Firewood has always been a part of every day life for Zimbabweans. A vast majority of Zimbabweans continue to use firewood as a primary method of cooking as well as a source of heat in the evenings. And the best part is, for them it seems to be free, however, everything comes at a cost.

Zimbabwe's tree population is decreasing at a rapid rate as the human population grows.

Trees are felled to make space for settlements and those that are not removed for construction purposes are removed to provide firewood for the new inhabitants.

How do we educate an entire nation about the detrimental effects of unsustainable felling of our precious indigenous trees?

How do we change the mindsets of millions after century's of cultural norms which they have been subjected to?

We are constantly educating our local community, creating awareness campaigns and giving away sawdust for free to be used for cooking and fires, but we believe that the answer lies in firewood.

Pride of Africa is deeply passionate about sustainable forestry methods and we strive to ensure that we do more good than harm to our forestry concession.

By providing offcuts of our sustainably harvested timber our local community uses them as firewood at the mill and its surroundings, we have created an environment whereby the local community trusts in our provision. The forest is now being managed professionally and responsibly, the fauna is flourishing, we remain accountable for our actions and best of all, the community is provided for.

We have personally seen a difference in our forests since implementing a firewood scheme (using our sustainably harvested timber offcuts) and we hope to see these benefits throughout Zimbabwe.

So by buying SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED TIMBER OFFCUTS, to be used as firewood you know that you are, in-fact, helping us save the forests of Zimbabwe.

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