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Teak - as durable as it gets!

The elements of weather are beautiful, forceful, and out of our control.

We often find ourselves at the mercy of nature as we are caught unprepared for the curveballs thrown our way.

Luckily, one thing we can control is the sturdiness of our spaces.

We rest in the fact that real teak furniture is able to withstand the elements and will not be damaged by rain, sun or snow.

Being a hardwood, Its strength and durability withstand extreme changes in the environment. The wood itself naturally contains a high oil content paired with tight wood grain, enabling it to remain constant, standing the test of time.

No wonder why it is such a popular option worldwide!

As well a fantastic option for outdoor usage, Incorporating teak it into your home interior a decision which you will never regret. Not only will it last a lifetime, but good quality teak, maintained correctly will look as good as the day it was first installed.

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