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Word on the street is..... Mini Mosaic!

It's not just vintage clothes that are coming back into fashion but vintage floors too!

From penthouses in New York City to fabulous High Street restaurants in London, Teak Mini Mosaic floors are making a huge come back and we are loving it!

These floors brag a retro and contemporary design aesthetic that is truly unmistakable making them a perfect flooring option in any home, hotel or restaurant; and lets not forget that they too are found subtly complementing the main lounge floor in our very own Victoria Falls Hotel!

Teak flooring is extremely durable with most floors lasting a century! They also have the added benefit of keeping the home warm, so say goodbye to floors that feel like ice first thing in the morning.

Our Teak Mini Mosaic floors are inexpensive and can be toned to the colour of your choice! So if you are thinking of replacing your floors or if you are in the process of laying floors in your new home, take the trendy route and choose Teak Mini Mosaic!

Get in touch via the contacts form below or give us a call on either of the following numbers:

Main Line: +263 242 447 120 | +263 864 42124418

Liya: +263 77 226 1997

Emmanuel: +263 77 315 7975

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